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Art is the way I found to deal with what goes beyond the self, during the COVID-19 crisis this essay emerged, as a criticism and also a way of trying to show through art the seriousness of the problem to people.

The death of humanity scares me, not only because of the death of life, because death is a consequence of life and with that we know how to deal, I speak of the death of humanity, what makes us feel and act in community, the humanity that turns into humans. When life is treated as a commodity, names become numbers, motives are lost, life becomes data, it becomes statistics.

Life without humanity loses its meaning.

And then, what scares me, people without humanity, become self-centered, who seek their pleasures above the common good, who ignore facts and science for the illusion of reason, do not care about others, who do not care about life , who don't care about anything that doesn't satisfy them, a sociopathic humanity where life turns into data, and data comes to life

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